Friday, March 9, 2012

" I wish I could read but I can't see a thing"

So you want to read but you feel like there is nothing out there that can help you accomplish this because your vision is almost non existent or you are completely blind. Well I am here to tell you that is malarkey. Whatever your vision challenges are you CAN read. We are so excited to introduce NEW scan and read products from ABiSee! Smart Magnifiers that read printed text ALOUD to you. Just sit back and enjoy effortless reading with confidence that you wont miss a word. The Eye-Pal Vision and Eye-Pal Reader are completely redesigned with simple to use buttons an impeccable quality camera that will amaze you with its accuracy, and an easy listening voice that allows you to choose a female or a male. The Vision's reliability, accuracy and ease of use will enable users to overcome challenges of everyday life and create opportunities to enhance their quality of life at work and at home. With the auto-focus zoom able camera you will be able to read pill bottles, recipes and other fine printed materials as well as documents and your favorite books and magazines. Multiple pages will no longer be a problem. Say goodbye to eye strain. The monitor allows an added feature to follow along and is the perfect size for the magnification mode. The Vision also serves as a powerful electronic magnifier to view photos, crossword puzzles, billing statements or packages that come in the mail. You can place just about anything under the camera and even change the contrast with the push of a button. This is a much simpler and hassle free way to read with no training required.

For those blind users or those of you that would like to give your tired CCTV eyes a break let the Eye-Pal Reader take over by reading out loud to you! Instantly scan an entire 8.5 X 11 page without missing any text lines. The Reader does the same thing as the Vision without the magnification mode. Give yourself the gift of reader and contact us with any questions about these wonderful new products. Live better, your worth it. Call today! We look forward to hearing from you. 203-271-1944