Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Exciting News!

Vision Dynamics now offers Hearing Aids, Assistive Listening Devices and Complementary Hearing Products.

Yes we have LISTENED to you. For years you have been asking me why we don't you carry hearing devices. I have always said "Because we are a vision center... and why would a legally blind guy carry hearing products?"

I have been studying and learning the hearing industry and was amazed at all the great products that are available for people with all types of hearing loss and needs.

As you know for 4 years now Dr. Randy Kinkade has an office here at the store and we partnered because we both saw how if we joined forces we could serve you better and that is exactly what we have done with hearing.

Let me introduce you to my new company SEE AND HEAR AMERICA that offers the best solution for all levels of vision and hearing loss.

Now with SEE AND HEAR AMERICA we can also provide a hands-on and ears-on listening center that carries all of our Assisted Listening Devices. These products might be all you need to hear your television, radio, or loved one speaking to you more clearly. If you have hearing aids they will help them work better. Yes, we have hearing aids too!

In one great location you now get access to all the great products we offer, our knowledgeable sales team and the personalized service you expect form Vision Dynamics.

You have the ability to make an appointment with Dr. Randy Kinkade for specialized low vision eyeglasses or with Marcia Cornell, our audiologist, for hearing testing.

See and Here for yourself all the new products and services we can now offer you or someone you know.


Charlie Collins
Founder and Owner
Vision Dynamics, LLC