Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Web Sevices for Visually Challenged

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At Vision Dynamics we try to find helpful information to pass along. Well, we came across something that we are very excited about!
Google has announced a new initiative to increase accessibility for visually challenged users on its major Web services. In advance of the upcoming school year, Google is rolling out accessibility impovements to Docs, Sites and Calendars. Google is hosting a live webinar for enterprise customers - which include education institutions - on Wednesday, September 21 at 12 p.m. Pacific time.
The enhancements include new keyboard shortcuts and enhanced screen reader support. Google says it has "worked closely with advocacy organizations for the blind to improve our products with more accessibility enhancements" over the past few months, and that more changes are on the way. "We believe that people who depend on assistive technologies deserve as rich and as productive an experience on the web as sighted users," says T.V. Raman, Google's technical lead on accessibility, "and we're working to help that become a reality."
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