Thursday, August 25, 2011

Vision Dynamics at AER

Vision Dynamics had the pleasure of attending the AER Regional Conference in Boston this past weekend. The mission of AER is to support professionals who provide education and rehabilitation services to people with visual impairments, offering professional development opportunities, publications, and public advocacy.
AER's membership consists of a very diverse group, including administrators, vision rehabilitation therapists, orientation and mobility specialists, low vision therapists, itinerant teachers, and support personnel, who work with infants, children and teens, adults, seniors and veterans. Whatever the specialty, all AER members are committed to the principle that blind and visually impaired persons have unique needs which require specialized services delivered by trained individuals.

We had a flurry of people stopping at our booth eager to gather as much information about our adaptive technology so they could bring their knowledge back to those they serve. Our well staffed and energetic booth made an impact on many.

Charlie spoke on Saturday and inspired many with his positive outlook as he shared his own personal experiences and walked them through a few interactive exercises. He was able to tap into the strategies needed to deal with a vision impairment as an individual who can relate through his own trials and tribulations as well as his successes. Charlie had the ability to help educators be more in tuned with what kids might be thinking about there visual struggles and gave them tools to use to be more successful on their journey. Being diagnosed at such a young age and going through so many life changes, Charlies experiences with his own visual challenges was an inspiration to many. His energetic and compassionate personality allowed his message to be heard in a way that everyone could relate to.

Thanks so much to those that came and participated. We hope that we were able to help you solve some of your struggles. We would also like to thank those of you who stopped by our booth and continue to visit us at our store, online and a special thanks to all our verbal ambassadors.