Friday, March 11, 2011


"If I could only see!" These are famous words, said by so many of us who have lost our sight; or enough of it that they call us legally blind. Which raises a great question, who are they? Why do so many of us concern ourselves with what they call us? Or, even worse, what they think of us? Would we really be happier if they thought all good things about us? What makes the visually impaired so important that people spend their time thinking about us? Are they actually thinking of us or are they thinking of themselves?

Why is it we are so concerned with what we don't have? Is sight what makes us whole? Would I be happier if I had all my sight? I don't think so. So many people believe if they had just one thing, they would have true happiness. The reality is, once that one thing is granted to them they seek something else; never finding real, true happiness within themselves.

From my travels, and my different speaking engagements, I learned there are many people who are waiting for something outside themselves to provide their happiness. What I discovered for myself; and for those I have helped over the years; is that happiness is an inside thing. Happiness comes from within. I am good enough and I accept myself exactly as I am in this moment. That statement can only come from a truly happy person. Great, that sounds easy! I'll say that statement and I'll be happy...why is it not working? In order to work, when you say it, you have to believe it.

Yes, it takes some work to get into this mindset; but, aren't you worth it? Yes, we are all worth it. Deep down inside each of us we have amazing gifts to share with the world. What excites me the most about helping people is after some cleaning and clarifying, we can all operate out of this place of happiness and begin to live the life of our dreams. Cleaning and clarity you ask? Yes, cleaning, clarity and vision is where it starts.

Before venturing forth into happiness, you need to have a clear vision. With a clear vision, with your mental blocks removed, a plan in place and one step at a time, you are on your way to real happiness.

You may be saying to yourself, "I am blind, I don't have vision!" I always say, we don't see with our eyes, we see with our brains. With this in mind, everyone can have clear vision in their lives.

As Helen Keller said, "The only thing worse than being blind is being sighted with no vision."

For me, even worse was being legally blind with no vision.

It is all about VISION and in my next article I will share with you the initial step we take to start focusing on what we want and how to create crystal clear vision.

Charlie Collins, Certified Professional Success Coach
Founder and C.E.O
Vision Dynamics & CCI, LLC